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If you are interested in a specific dog or puppy that may be shown on our web site from time to time, you can provide that information at the end of this application. Normally, none of the whippets seen on our site are for sale unless specifically noted.
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Understand that requiring a specific (male or female) may postpone you getting a dog when you want one. You may have to wait for our next litter. We breed once a year, usually. We cannot control how many males or females are in our litters, and prefer to place puppies based on temperament and lifestyle of prospective owners. Males are just as sweet as females and vice/versa. Trust us to place the right dog with your family
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Before you click "Send," make sure you have answered all questions. Application must be filled out completely including email address for consideration and response.

Be sure to contact me from time to time to let me know you are still looking! I also appreciate hearing when someone finds their dog, so I can remove them from my list